Jess & Stella's Champagne Crayfish


  • Serves: 4


1 large crayfish tail

200ml dry champagne

200g salted butter

1 green mango

1 regular mango

3 limes

4 gelatin leaves

½ Cup elderflower cordial


1. Preheat sousvide machine to 50 degrees.

2. Remove crayfish tails from their shells. You will need some kitchen snips to cut through the shell if you want to keep the tail whole. Cut down both sides of the back of the tail then turn over and cut down the middle on the top. Gently remove the tails trying not to rip the meat and keep as whole as possible.

3. Season tails generously with salt and pepper and place into a sousvide bag along with a tablespoon of salted butter and a tablespoon or two of champagne. 

4. Seal sous vide bags and place in sous vide machine for 45 minutes.

5. Make your champagne and elderflower foam by soaking 4 gelatin leaves in a bowl of water until soft. Heat half a cup of champagne on the stove and add in  gelatin leaves stirring until dissolved. Once dissolved pour into gourmet whip along with a tablespoon or elderflower cordial and top up with remaining champagne. Taste to check if elderflower is strong enough, you can add more if desired. Place gourmet whip in fridge to cool.

6. Cut the flesh off both your types of mangoes by slicing down the sides next to the seed try get as much off as possible. Peel the skin off the mangoes with a knife or a sharp kitchen peeler. Slice the mangoes length way thinly to create long batons. Place mangoes in a bowl and dress with the juice of your limes, salt, pepper and some mild tasting oil until desired flavour is reached.

7. Pull crayfish out of sous vide machine and remove tails from bags. Make sure you keep the juice from inside the bags in a jug or bowl. Slice crayfish tails width way in slices about 20mm thick.

8. Plate the mango and top with a few slices of crayfish and spoon over a small amount of the juice from sous vide bags across the top.

9. Remove gourmet whip from fridge and shake thoroughly. Place dots or a line on each side of the plate and serve immediately. 

This recipe has been supplied to TVNZ by the My Kitchen Rules contestants. TVNZ has not tested this recipe and results may differ from those expected.