What’s on the menu?

Posted 1 year ago

We caught up for a Q+A with this year's new teams, to find out some of their favourite dishes. So what can we look forward to seeing on screen, and what would they rather avoid?

Hannah & Cathy


New Zealand's most iconic dish?

Hannah: The pie! 

Cathy: Fush 'n' chups

The dish you use to impress? 

Hannah: Chocolate gateaux 

Cathy: Homemade pasta  

Ultimate summer meal?

Hannah: Mum's marinated steak

Cathy: BBQ with potato salad and garlic bread

Laurence & Paul

Your most legendary dish?

 Laurence: Paua Ravioli 

 Paul: Whitebait fritters 

If you could only eat one food?

 Laurence: Eggs! 

 Paul: Fish (even though I'm a sweet tooth)

 Most used utensil?

 Laurence: Frying pan

 Paul: My knife 

Monique & Henry

What would your last supper be?

Monique: A ten course degustation

Henry: Roast chicken, roast vege and mashed potato 

Weirdest food you've ever eaten?

Monique: Lamb tails 

Henry: Huhu grubs and fermented corn 

Dish you use to impress?

Monique: Pepper pork belly followed by vanilla creme brulee 

Henry: Scotch fillet steak

Ruth & Cheryl

Most iconic NZ dish?

Ruth: Green eggs and ham... they just don't know it yet.  

Cheryl: Roast lamb with homemade mint sauce

Ultimate summer meal? 

Ruth: Thai beef salad 

Cheryl: Manuka smoked salmon 

Most legendary dish? 

Ruth: Every dish is legendary, all it takes is a legend to cook it

Cheryl: Chicken casserole with crunchy topping

Travis & Jeremy

Weirdest food you've ever eaten?

Travis:Cat biscuits... don't ask! 

Jeremy: Grasshoppers at a bar in Kenya

What would your last supper be?

Travis: A big feed of Alaskan king crab

Jeremy: Mountain Goat Balls 

Ultimate summer meal?

Travis: Crayfish on the BBQ with lots of garlic butter 

Jeremy: Smoothie

Jay & Sarah

Ultimate summer meal?

Jay: Summer time means seafood season!

Sarah: Turkey burgers with pineapple relish

Your biggest food fan?

Jay: My nana Sue, she loves my cooking

Sarah: Most definitely my daughter

Most iconic NZ dish?

Jay: A hangi, noone else does a hangi

Sarah: Lamb roast, three vege and gravy!

Katrina & Natasha

Dish you use to impress?

Katrina: Oxtail stew 

Natasha: Moroccan chicken salad

Your biggest food fan?

Katrina: My kids and my husband, they give great feedback.

Natasha: My fiance, his favourite is my choc pudding!

Weirdest food you've ever eaten?

Katrina: Haggis 

Natasha: Dried wallaby

Kimberley & Brooke

One food you'd never eat?

Kimberley: Not a fan of mushrooms

Brooke: Pigs trotters or chicken feet 

What would your last supper be? 

Kimberley: Lots of chocolate!

Brooke: Grilled salmon, garlic & chilli prawns and seared scallops

Your most legendary dish?

Kimberley: Oven baked fish, with coconut rice and Asian veges

Brooke: A decandent dark chocolate and raspberry brownie

Lauren & Simon

Your most legendary dish?

Lauren: I'm best known for my Indian dishes

Simon: My homemade pasta 

Ultimate summer meal?

Lauren: Homemade venison burgers 

Simon: Meat on a stick

One thing you'd never eat?

Lauren: Bugs 

Simon: Tripe

Zoe & William

Your culinary legend?

Zoe: Nigella, she's wonderful

William: Gordon Ramsay is my food hero

Your most legendary dish?

Zoe: My cakes. They look good, but taste good too. 

William: Anything slow-cooked!

Ultimate summer meal?

Zoe: Ice cream! 

William: BBQ prawns with fresh mango salsa