Welcome Liz Egan

Posted 1 year ago

We all recognise Australian judge Liz Egan from the blind tasting table on MKR, and now she's got some exciting news for NZ fans! 

Liz will be joining Ben Bayly and Gareth Stewart as a judge on Season Two of MKR NZ. 

She loves to share her experience, and is thrilled about the excitement to come.

Planning is the most important element according to Liz Egan.

“Plan, plan and plan. Have a worklist, complete with delegation of duties in place. Where possible, in the sudden death and finals, cook and take notes as you cook, as often as possible."Every year, the teams over complicate their dishes. They have a dish they’ve been doing for years and for some reason they feel they need to change it up and make it more contemporary.”

With more than 20 years experience in the industry, Liz believes it’s very important to picture the dish you are planning to cook, imagine its taste, and then balance textures and flavours.

This balance is really the best way to sum up what she looks for in her home meals, her Becco menu, and is what she’ll be looking for from the MKR teams.

Liz grew up on Wantirna Estate vineyard in the Yarra Valley, surrounded by wine and food. Her mother is Italian and a wonderful cook, and Liz quickly learnt that the best way to ensure she got to taste everything her mother cooked at family dinner parties was to help in the kitchen.

After working in commercial kitchens almost by accident, Liz then moved on to form a catering company which ended up as Onions, a highly regarded restaurant in Melbourne’s east. Onions was successfully developed into a Two Chef Hat venue and that recognition still counts as her proudest career moment.

Liz appears regularly in culinary publications such as Vogue Entertaining, Gourmet Traveller, Delicious magazine, Taste in the Herald Sun and Epicure in The Age.

She was executive chef and co-owner of Becco in Melbourne until 2011. She recently launched her own website lizegan.com.au as well as a new project with her two daughters, Bella and Lily, who are both at university studying nutrition.

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