Posted 1 year ago

The ultimate alphabet soup of My Kitchen Rules New Zealand words, phrases and faux pas!

A = Appetite! Come on, let's get eating!


B = Banging! Use it in your judging critique a la Gareth Stewart. E.g "that salmon was banging!"

C = Chocolate. The secret weapon of all great cooks.

D = Doorbell. Also known as the "ding dong of doom" signalling the arrival of contestants, judges, and sometimes a surprise guest! 


E = Elimination. Where no team wants to find themselves. 

F = Foodies. As in the passionate people who enter MKRNZ and love their tucker!

G = Grilled. What happens to the steaks and the contestants when they come to serving up their food.

H = Hungry. What we all feel after watching an episode of MKR!

I = Ice Cream. A dish often attempted in the halls of Kitchen HQ, but seldom perfected.

J = Judges. Top chefs Ben Bayly and Gareth Stewart. 

K = Kitchen HQ. A magical land full of shiny new kitchen equipment and daunting challenges. 


L = Leaderboard. The top's where you want to be!

M = Medium rare. The way meat is supposed to be cooked 

N = Nuts. Pistachios, almonds, walnuts, macadamias and peanuts are always on hand for some extra crunch.

O = original recipes and combinations.

P = Plating. The time many a cool, calm and collected team find themselves melting down like an icecream on a hot summer’s day.

Q = Questions from the judges that go unanswered and leave the teams Quaking in their boots. 

R = Risotto. AKA the dish of death. 

S = Sauce. As in "where's the...?" Oh, but also Seasoning, Sous Vide, Sorbet and SUDDEN DEATH.


T = Tasting Panel. A group of four esteemed food icons, who preside over eliminations and look ridiculously good while doing so. 

U = Unbeatable. MKRNZ is unbeatable entertainment, and Jess and Stella were the unbeatable team!

V = Vanilla Bean. One of the most popular dessert ingredients. 

W = Whip. Whip the cream (and the other teams!) 

X = X-citement. In every show. 

Y = Yes! The answer any time the judges ask if you know what you're doing... 

Z = ZOMG. Some of the dishes these teams made are Just.So.Good. 


Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.